Saimedan is a rouge planet approximately 55 light-years from Earth. It was discovered by amateur astronomers in 2024.


Saimedan was found completely by accident. A group of amateur astronomers were using infrared light to find asteroids and comets. In 2024, they came across a very bright blip on their screens. At first, they thought it was a star. When it was found that the object was moving at high speed, they knew they had found a rouge planet. Upon closer examination of this newly found planet, they found characteristics that made Venus look like an ice world.


Saideman is a rogue planet like no other. It has a very thick atmosphere composed of chemicals scientists are still trying to identify. Whatever the chemicals are, they made the planet a charred, wasteland covered with rivers of lava. The surface is very dark, with the only light coming from lava rivers and the eerie glow from the partially molten ground. The surface temperature is literally so high, the surface is partially molten, and the surface is made of materials that require thousands of degrees to even soften it.

The chemicals in the atmosphere are also very toxic. Tests have shown that the atmosphere acts a lot like chlorine gas on steroids. It will kill you if you're not wearing a space suit.