Regular giant
Planet 155
|235px|center|An image of Q4424-S234-H]]
An image of Q4424-S234-H
Location Snoopy Nebula
Distance from Earth 8.49 billion years
Size 124,290 km
Number of satellites None
Orbital period 15 months
Age 8.21 billion years
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Q4424-S234-H is a regular giant planet, made up of molten rock in some areas of the hottest parts of the planet. It is in orbit around Q4424-S234, a red super giant star 8.49 billion light years away from the Earth, in the Snoopy Nebula.

The photo at the right is Q4424-S234-H from 75 miles away. It has been discovered that it had rings made out of unknown things. Some assume it may be molten rock from it's surface, but scientists have yet to confirm it.