Gas giant
Planet 37
|235px|center|The oceans of Oceania]]
The oceans of Oceania
Location Milky Way
Distance from Earth 109 AU
Size 72,910 km
Number of satellites 9
Orbital period 389 years
Age 4.2 billion years
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Oceania is a gas giant in the outer Solar system, and was discovered in 2071 using the High Definition Planet Spotter Space Telescope. It proved the existence of "Planet X", the hypothesized 9th planet of the Solar system. It is 4.2 billion years old, and is covered in liquid methane and water, which inspired its naming when discovered. It has 9 satellites, and the planet is 72,910 km across, but still doesn't support the off orbit of Neptune, and Oceania itself refused to follow its orbit, so a 10th planet is hypothesized to exist in the outer Solar system as a result of this.