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Welcome to the Hypothetical Planets Wiki, a friendly community on which you can create your very own planets, made completely from your imagination!

Hypothetical Planets Wikia - 26 articles and 498 edits edited by 0 friendly active users since March 11, 2016.

This wiki was founded by A Bittersweet Journey on March 11 2016, though it is now owned by Hurricane Layten as of July 20 2016. It is about past, present and future planets to be discovered. They can occur anywhere you like, cause as much mayhem as you like, and be of whatever type you like. Dwarfs, regulars, gas giants and ringed planets are all fair game on here. One last thing, enjoy the wiki, guys! Any troubles, please don't hesitate to contact one of our admins for more help with any situations that may arise whilst you are here editing. So lets start creating those planets!

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